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25 Years and Back in Chicago: Celebrate with Umphrey's McGee

Megan Kudla

Jun 11, 2023

Umphrey's McGee, improv-rock group, reflects on 25 years of music at the Music Box Theatre

Updated June 11, 2023.

Tonight, at the historic Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Umphrey’s McGee is reflecting on 25 years of music, back in the city where it all began.

This improv-rock group is known for their creativity not only in their genre-bending recordings and performances but also in their innovative ways they connect with their audiences. And now, whether you are a devoted fan or a newcomer to their music, you can experience their journey in a new “rockusensory” called Frame x Frame. Lucky for those who cannot attend the in-person premiere, it is also streaming on

However, if you are able to attend the live event at the Music Box Theatre, a special Q&A will occur afterward with Umphrey’s McGee band members, Brendan Bayliss and Andy Farag, as well as the producer and director of the documentary.

To stream, and to attend in person at the Music Box Theatre, pricing is $24.99 and begins at 6:30 pm CT.

It’s a celebration, yes. But it’s also a launching pad for an exciting new album, since 2022's Asking For a Friend, recorded during the pandemic and bringing forth a “refined” sound to their discography. They have reached audiences lately with a new NFT offerings that gets fans involved in the music by allowing them to access individual mixes and tracks that they can actually play along with–among other things, like a chance to win tickets, handwritten lyrics, and more. 

With one “rockusensory,” one new album coming soon, and 25 years of success both in Chicago and abroad, Umphrey’s McGee beckons you to join in on the excitement and help catapult a new era of even more art, music, and community. 

For more information on the band, visit

For Music Box Theatre tickets to Frame x Frame, visit

To stream Frame x Frame virtually, visit

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