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Colleen Kelly's top 5 tips for chaotic airport travel

Megan Kudla

Jul 26, 2022

Travel expert, Colleen Kelly, gives 5 tips to navigate the airport chaos that plagues the travel industry

Left and right, we are seeing flight delays, cancellations, long lines, sky-high prices and never-ending crowds at airports. If you are planning to travel, it's definitely still possible—just with a few more challenges than before. Travel expert, Colleen Kelly, is sharing 5 top tips for getting through the airport.

Here's what she suggests:

  1. When booking your flight, go nonstop whenever you can. Any connections mean more opportunity for a delay or cancellation to occur and create havoc on your travel itinerary.

  2. Get the airport earlier. No more are the days of breezing in 1 hour before... Arrive at least 2.5 to 3 hours before a domestic flight and 3.5 to 4 hours for international flights.

  3. Download your airline's app, and check the flight "alert" box. You don't want to miss any notification on changes in gates and delays—especially when it's as easy as receiving a quick text update.

  4. Have a flight cancellation and need to book a new one ASAP? Lines will be most likely be long at the nearest service counter, so hop on the airline's online (or app) chat box at the same time! (Chances are the chat box will actually be quicker and more efficient at rerouting you on a new flight.)

  5. Don’t check a bag if you don't have to, and always put an extra outfit (along with essentials, like your toothbrush, medicine and even swimsuit ) in your carry-on. This may be an age-old airport tip, but it's never been more important—you'll be happy you did it if and when your luggage gets lost.

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You can also listen further to airport chaos navigation tips on the Round Trip with Colleen Kelly WLS-AM 890 radio show this upcoming August.

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