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Inflation means Memorial Day Weekend will be celebrated closer to home

Megan Kudla

May 24, 2022

Rising costs, including gas prices, means more people are opting for vacation closer to home

The summer travel trend seems to be a general yearning to get away for Memorial Day Weekend. The problem? Rising prices might change how travelers choose to plan, or re-plan, their vacations.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), more than 39 million people aim to travel for Memorial Day Weekend 2022. The choice of transportation seems to be by automobile--88.9%, about 35 million people.

Outdoorsy's recent Vacation on a Budget survey also emphasized that vehicle rentals are 2022's top choice: Staying closer to home means saving money while still being able to take the trip that is so craved. Some of the Outdoorsy results are reflected below (via PR Newswire):

  • 58% of Americans have been saving and setting aside more money to keep their vacation hopes afloat

  • 72% are dipping into vacation savings to make ends meet elsewhere and 56% of Americans don't believe they can afford a vacation this year because of inflation

  • 58% plan to vacation closer to home this summer to beat out inflation and rising gas prices

To learn more about the company Outdoorsy, you can listen to the "Round Trip with Colleen Kelly" WLS Radio Show and Podcast, Van Life!

For more on Memorial Day Weekend travel, you can listen to the "Round Trip with Colleen Kelly" WLS Radio Show and Podcast, Planing for Memorial Day Weekend.

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