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UK journalist follows footsteps of forgotten female explorer in Iran

Megan Kudla

May 11, 2022

Elise Wortley celebrates female explorers through a journey to Iran's Valley of the Assassins

UK journalist and explorer Elise Wortley is following the footsteps of UK explorer, writer, archaeologist and cartographer Freya Stark to Iran's Valley of Assassins in order to celebrate historic female explorers. She will do so exactly how Stark did in 1934--with the same clothing, the same food and no modern equipment.

This is Wortley's third Woman With Altitude expedition, a project she founded to bring these female adventurer's stories "back to life." She will be accompanied by an all-female crew and a female Iranian tour guide from Intrepid Travel.

On this trip, Wortley will also be raising money for @theintrepidfoundation's global vaccine equity campaign, Give the World a Shot.

You can follow Elise's journey at @woman_with_altitude.

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Information and photos courtesy of Elise Wortley and Intrepid Travel.

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