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  • Megan Kudla

2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Round Trip with Colleen Kelly receives no monetary gains from clicking on the provided links. This article was updated on 12/06/22.

Last year, we released a 2021 Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets roundup, which featured travel gear that we covered on the Round Trip with Colleen Kelly Chicago WLS-AM 890 radio show/podcast.

We’re back for a 2022 roundup! Here’s a quick summary of travel gadgets that you may want to check out before refreshing your travel supplies for 2023…

Before we begin, if you are looking for baby gadgets in particular, our 2022 list is available on!

(Not all the gadgets mentioned on air are featured in the article below, so listen back to the Round Trip podcast to hear about all the amazing travel gear this year.)

Wanderfull HydroBag, featured in "2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets"

This crossbody bag is specifically designed to hold a water bottle. It’s like a home for that water bottle you never leave the house with. It may seem simple, but when you think about it, there are plenty of times that you’ve been stuck holding your water bottle because you couldn’t fit it in your purse, right? And how annoying that is when you are traveling… Hands-free is always preferable! The best part is that since you can bring your reusable water bottle everywhere you go, you’re less prone to buying a plastic bottle.

The Hydrobags have interchangeable straps so you can adjust it to your style, and it has a waterproof pouch that will hold all your essentials, like your keys, wallet, phone, etc. It’s perfect for traveling, hiking, and picnicking. Fun tip? It’s big enough to hold a wine bottle… So bring it to a concert or give it as a gift and use less gift wrapping!

The STNKY, featured in "2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets"

Do you often bring plastic bags or trash bags on vacation to stick your dirty laundry in? Well, plastic no more! The STNKY Washable Laundry Bag is a reusable way to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes in your luggage. One of the best features is that it is washable itself. When it’s time to clean your laundry in the washing machine, you turn the bag inside out and throw it right in there, too! And, it can be washed and dried at high temperatures.

The bag zips up and locks smells inside, so you can use it for alternative purposes, like at the gym or for a pair of stinky shoes. They come in 13 L and 26 L sizes.

The Cincha belt being clipped over a purse on a piece of luggage, featured in "2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets"

You know that moment when you are trying to balance a bag on top of your suitcase while rolling it along at the airport, and the bag just won’t stay on? It falls off, or you have to hold it in place? This is another simple gadget that makes your life easier: Cincha is a travel belt that secures your bag or purse to your luggage handles.

The quick-release metal buckle makes it easy to take on and off in a hurry (like in the security line at the airport), and there are multiple colors and patterns to choose from, as well as the option to even add a monogram. A mini belt is available if you need to pack more compactly.

SteadyStraps - $10.00

The SteadyStrap on a phone case, "2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets"

We’ve all dropped our phones multiple times, let’s be honest. The SteadyStrap gives you a bit of confidence as you get active on your travels. SteadyStrap is just a small elastic band that wraps around your phone case to give you a good grip. Easy! When on the go, having one-handed usage of your phone is helpful, whether it’s for taking pictures or standing in the airport security line, where you’re fumbling for your ID and passport.

Again, there are many colors and patterns to choose from. Match it up to your phone case design! Personally, I’ve used it during concerts, so I could have my phone out to snap pics, and on boats, so that I felt confident my device wouldn’t fall into the water. (Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t get in any way of the charging port on your phone!)

A piece of square, gold jewelry with a map on it, from Talia Sari, featured in "The Cincha belt being clipped over a purse on a piece of luggage, featured in "2022's Round Trip Radio-Reviewed Travel Gadgets"

Why jewelry? We want to add this on as a gift idea for someone special in your life who loves to travel. (Or a meaningful gift to yourself!) The option to create customizable jewelry involves replicating a map of a specific location anywhere in the world. The site is very user-friendly, so you can make a beautiful design in seconds. You can even add a heart or pearl marker on the specific address you want to pinpoint on the map. Plus, there’s something for everyone: You can turn the map into a necklace, ring, earring, brooch, or tie clip.

It makes for a thoughtful, heartfelt piece. Maybe it’s a map of home that you carry wherever you travel. Maybe you give it to someone to remind them of a special place or moment you’ve shared. Put this one on your birthday and holiday gift lists!


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By: Megan Kudla


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