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The Most Romantic Places to Travel for Valentine's Day

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Most Romantic Places to Travel for Valentine's Day. featured on Round Trip with Colleen Kelly

Does the idea of sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate, strolling along a tropical beach, and experiencing a moment full of love and romance this Valentine's Day sound appealing? From awe-inspiring mountain landscapes to forever-lasting love spas, romantic places around the world are brimming with just the ideal amount of loveliness and charm to make this special day truly unforgettable. Whether you're looking to explore iconic landmarks or go on remarkable adventures, the following romantic cities all provide unique experiences that are the perfect way to show the love of your life how much you care.

Santorini, Greece

A popularly romantic destination, Santorini is the perfect place to spend Valentine's Day with that special someone. With its beautiful landscape of blue waters and white-washed cobblestone streets, Santorini is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway. You can take a leisurely stroll together along the picturesque streets of Oia while admiring the stunning views of the Caldera. Enjoy dinner at an elegant restaurant like Sea Side by Notos, where you can savor delicious traditional Greek dishes with a glass of local wine. For a unique Valentine's Day activity, explore all of the colorful stalagmites, columns, and stalactites at Santorini's underground volcanic caves.

Paris, France

Probably the most crowded and most romantic spot in the world for Valentine's Day, Paris is a bucket-list destination for many couples. This "City of Love" offers an abundance of romantic experiences, from wandering the world-famous streets like along the Seine to a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower and the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral. Take a scenic boat ride along the river Seine to see the sights in a unique way. Stroll through the romantic cobblestone alleys of Montmartre or admire the architecture of the famous Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Museum. Enjoy a candlelit dinner at one of the city's luxurious restaurants, or try a Macaron making class to add some extra sweetness to your special day.

Venice, Italy

The floating city of Venice is another true romantic paradise, as there are many romantic things to do for couples. Take a gondola ride through the city's winding canals and see the beautiful architecture, including the famous Rialto Bridge. Stroll through the small streets and squares, and take in the sights and sounds of the city. For a romantic dinner, head to the Ristorante Al Covo, which offers traditional Venetian cuisine in a charming setting. After dinner, take a walk along the waterfront and enjoy the views of this romantic city at night.

Otaru in Hokkaido, Japan

Located on the northern island of Japan, Otaru is a harbor city known for its romantic atmosphere. Enjoy a romantic stroll through the innermost canal and admire the charming brick warehouses and industrial buildings along the way. Burning candles and thousands of illuminations light up the streets during the Valentine's Day season and make the city look like a dreamy wonderland. Visit the Otaru Canal, a famous outlook of the nearby Sea of Japan, for the perfect Valentine's Day photo opportunity. Go ice skating on the frozen canals or indulge in a freshly baked treat from one of the many light-candled shops along Otaru's romantic streets.

Colchagua Valley, Chile

This popular wine-producing region of Chile is the perfect spot for couples to spend Valentine's Day. Take a romantic bike ride through the rolling hills of the Colchagua Valley and admire the beautiful vineyards and wineries that decorate the landscape. Sample some of the finest wines from various vineyards, like Casa Lapostolle or Santa Cruz Estates, to get a true taste of the region's culture. Enjoy a special dinner at one of the area's famous restaurants, like Casa Refugio, and try traditional Chilean dishes like empanadas and humitas. For a romantic activity, take a horse-riding excursion through the valley's wilderness and soak up the mesmerizing views of the Andes Mountains.


Whether you're looking to propose, rekindle the spark, or just enjoy some quality time with your significant other, these couple's getaways offer something special for every couple. So, pack your bags and get ready to fall in love all over again as you embark on a journey to one of these most romantic places to travel for Valentine's Day.


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