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  • Megan Kudla

Taste of Iceland Festival Brings Icelandic Culture to Chicago

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The annual Taste of Iceland festival is visiting Chicago September 1-3, 2022, bringing with it Icelandic music, food, drink, film, and more.

Taste of Iceland Chicago 2022 logo

Various locations across Chicago will be host to the diverse cultural events that the highly anticipated Taste of Iceland festival will present to the city. An interview with Director, Daniel Oddsson, gives us a preview of what’s to come this Labor Day Weekend.

1. History of the festival: How long has it been occurring and how has it changed/expanded?

In an effort to create and build awareness of Iceland and its culture, products, and services, Taste of Iceland was created and inspired by Iceland over 20 years ago. We wanted to share the true essence of Iceland, its creativity and spectacular natural wonders with the people of North America, so in partnership with some of the amazing brands and people of Iceland, we came up with a series of events that touched on some of the best elements of Icelandic culture, from culinary and music events, to film and wellness, and beyond.

2. What is new and exciting this year?

Attendees of Chicago’s Taste of Iceland can expect to transport themselves to Iceland with a series of events inspired by, and in celebration of, the best of Icelandic culture. We will be hosting a culinary tasting menu at Bistronomic and in partnership with esteemed the Blue Lagoon, a concert with Icelandic musicians, Lón, RAKEL, Axel Flóvent, and DJ Hermigervill at Martyrs, a film screening of the Icelandic movie, Lamb, followed by a Q&A with with Director Valdimar Johannsson at the Logan Theatre, a Sound Bath at Yoga View, a cocktail class at The Exchange with cocktails from Iceland’s Reyka Vodka and Olafsson Gin, a literature event with Iceland’s First Lady, Eliza Reid, at After-Words Bookstore, and a photography exhibition with Photographer Alex Strohl at Wildwood Studio. All of these events have come together for the people of Chicago to experience and learn more about Iceland, without any barriers.

3. What is the goal of this event? Why Chicago, and what do you want Chicagoans to feel/experience/take away?

We want to bring all the things we love, and what our visitors love, about Iceland to the states. Outside of the culinary menu, all of the events are free to the public and the range of events allows guests to transport themselves to our country without any barriers. We want Chicagoans to come to our events and discover how incredible Iceland truly is and everything it has to offer no matter what they’re looking for. From music to film, cocktails or literature, there is something from everyone, and while attendees may not be able to breathe in Iceland’s pristine air, actually hike on a glacier, or walk across our beautiful black sand beaches, they will have the chance to meet some of the most memorable Icelandic people and talent, and learn so much about our country, its progressive values, and our culture as a whole.

Each event is free for all to attend (with the exception of the Bistronomic culinary experience), but must be reserved ahead of time to guarantee a ticket. You can find more information HERE.

By: Megan Kudla

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