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  • Megan Kudla

The Golden Girls: Revived on Broadway in Chicago

Cast of GOLDEN GIRLS: THE LAUGHS CONTINUE on Broadway in Chicago
Photo credit: Murray and Peter Present

Sex, drugs, and…cheesecake. The Golden Girls are back with a Broadway performance that revives the beloved television show with a new twist. GOLDEN GIRLS: THE LAUGHS CONTINUE is playing at the Broadway Playhouse Theater in Chicago, Water Tower Place (175 E. Chestnut), from February 6 to February 25, 2024, with additional shows starting again on May 14, 2024.


In this production, you can witness Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sofia as they are in 2023: What are these four women up to today? Turns out they haven’t aged a bit, and they’re caught up in all their same hilarious exploits. It’s a seamless continuation of the 1985 hit sitcom, providing a night of raunchy comedy and nostalgic throwbacks, coupled with modern jokes that irreverently poke at the impossible passage of time.


The plot centers around the women’s escapades with a contemporary fad: dating apps. While Rose and Blanche get rich off their entrepreneurial endeavor of running a new dating app for an older population, Sofia is on house arrest and Dorothy is tight on funds to support her. As the two sides of the house’s paths converge, we end up with a rollercoaster of an adventure that includes romantic weeknight gallivants and 3 am drug trips.


The five stars (Ryan Bernier as Dorothy, Vince Kelley as Blanche, Adam Graber as Rose, Christopher Kamm as Sophia, and Jason Bowen as Stanley/Burt) embody the idiosyncrasies of the original characters, yet infuse their own unique charm into these classic female icons. By ad-libbing one-liners and jesting with the audience, they further make light of the absurdities that happen on stage, fully aware of the fictionality and theatricality of the entire production.


If you are a Golden Girls fan, you’ll get a kick out of the moments where the cast pays homage to the original series. If you haven’t seen The Golden Girls before, you are still sure to join in on some laughs at this light, high-spirited, and tongue-in-cheek show. It runs 1 hour and 40 minutes with intermission, making it a great addition to a night out on the town in Chicago. You can purchase tickets starting at $30.00, as well as add on the opportunity to meet the cast for $50.00.



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