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  • Megan Kudla

The Cauldron Makes for a Magical Night Out: Wizard-Themed Bar Is Coming to Chicago

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Fantasy lovers, mischiefs of magic, and kids at heart: Come close and heed my tale…

Take a journey with me down Division Street in Chicago. There is a place, behind a mysterious door and down a flight of stairs, where dim light casts shadows upon a tavern-like bar. Welcome to The Cauldron, a wizard pub where magic really does exist for the night…

It all began with one technologically-imbued magic wand, two entrepreneurs–David Duckworth and Matthew Cortland–and the belief that fantasy really can be brought to life. Opening in London and expanding across the UK, then making its way to New York and Philadelphia, it’s now been successfully brought to Chicago. The rapid growth of this popular bar and restaurant shows the power that an immersive experience can have on those looking to escape reality.

With a technology-powered wand in hand, visitors can interact with the space around them to really prove that they are indeed a witch or wizard. It’s as simple as pouring a drink for yourself from the head of a creature mounted on the wall just by the tap of your wand. Or, you can partake in a potion making class, where your mixology and magic skills are put to use in a 1 hour and 45 minute experience brewing two molecular cocktails (or mocktails!).

The Vault at the Cauldron in Chicago

Particularly exciting about the new Chicago space is that it is built inside an old bank. Walk into an old safety deposit vault, and you’ll find yourself in a speakeasy adorned with low lights and comfy seating–the perfect place to ask the bank teller for a wand-poured drink or to get cozy with a color-changing or smoking cocktail.

This is a one-of-a-kind way to transport yourself into a whimsical, interactive, environment that’s unlike any other stop on your bar crawl. Plus, it’s great for group nights out or events, especially with their planned weekly, diverse programming.

So, if you’re ready to take your epic journey to a magical land where you wield the power to brew potions and activate magical moments, then gear up for the opening of The Cauldron on May 4, 2023, located on the lower level of 1612 W. Division St.

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Photo credits to The Cauldron®


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